Hands Off the Hymen!

awareness drjuliareeve health hymen hymenectomy pelvicpain sexualtherapy vaginismus Sep 26, 2023

Psst... Did you know that vaginismus, also known as genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder, cannot be cured by hymen surgeries?

Unfortunately, many women who suffer from vaginismus still undergo surgeries on the hymen (=hymen) to "expand" it, which is completely unnecessary! In very rare cases, there are congenital deviations in the hymen that require surgical intervention, but these are extremely rare cases.

I am Dr. Julia Reeve, gynecologist, psychotherapist, and sexologist. And I say it loud and clear: Hands off the hymen!!

If you suffer from vaginismus, there are other effective treatment options you can try. I am happy to stand by your side to develop an individual treatment plan together and accompany you on your journey to a pain-free and fulfilling sexuality.

So let's set aside the stigma and myths about vaginismus and bring the truth to light. With the right support and education, we can make a positive change.

What is Vaginismus, and What options do I have to overcome vaginismus?

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