Raw Audio of: A Journey of Overcoming Vaginismus: Evgania and Adam's Story 🌸

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Dr. Julia Reeve - Vaginismus Coach
Raw Audio of: A Journey of Overcoming Vaginismus: Evgania and Adam's Story 🌸

A Journey of Overcoming Vaginismus: Evgania and Adam's Story 🌸

Hello! I'm sitting here with Evgania and Adam (these are pseudonyms, so not the real names!) both 20 years old, who have been bravely navigating the challenges of vaginismus. We've just wrapped up their most recent therapy session, and their journey is truly inspiring. Let’s dive into their story.

Just seconds before the interview the couple decided on their pseduonyms to stay anonymous, this is why I don`t know how to pronounce the name Evgania properly and I keep asking ....

The Beginning: Struggling with Vaginismus 💔

Evgania: "We have been together for six years, and at the beginning of our journey, I was completely lost. I didn't understand what was happening with my body, and no one could explain how to overcome it. The constant disappointment was overwhelming. I couldn't have penetrative sex, which made me feel frustrated and helpless. Every day was filled with tears and confusion."

Adam: "It was a long and frustrating journey for me too. We tried various methods, including therapy, but nothing seemed to work. It was hard to see Evgania in so much pain and not be able to help."

Discovering Hope: Dr. Julia Reeve’s Therapy 💡

Evgania stumbled upon Dr. Julia Reeve's work, which became a turning point. Her book and sessions provided the understanding and support Evgania needed.

Evgania: "For the first time, I felt heard, seen, and understood. The therapy sessions with Dr. Reeve were eye-opening. In just three days, I could feel my muscles and learn to use the dilators without pain. It was revolutionary!"

Breakthrough Moments 🌟

Adam: "After the second session, I was able to insert my entire finger, something I couldn't do before. We felt connected in a way we hadn't before. It was a remarkable feeling to finally see progress."

Evgania: "By the third session, I could insert all four dilators from our set. It felt like a significant achievement considering I couldn't even insert a finger before."

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 🤝

Throughout their therapy, Adam and Evgania worked together as a team, supporting each other through every step. Their collaborative efforts made the process smoother and more effective.

Dr. Reeve: "You two have found a pace that works for you. Your ability to follow instructions and find your own way has been crucial. You've made incredible progress by gently and consistently using the dilators."

Words of Encouragement 🌈

When asked what they would say to others struggling with vaginismus, Evgania and Adam shared heartfelt advice:

Evgania: "Don't be afraid to seek help. Vaginismus is not a taboo, and there are solutions. With the support of your loved ones, taking that first step can make all the difference."

Adam: "Keep pushing forward. It might seem like you're not making progress, but there is a way. Stay determined and keep going. We were unsure at times, but we succeeded."

Looking Ahead 🌅

Evgania and Adam are now looking forward to a brighter future. They have a plan and the tools they need to continue their progress. Their journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, love, and professional support.

Dr. Reeve: "I'm so proud of both of you. You've come so far, and your future looks bright. Stick to the program, and you'll continue to make great strides."

Final Thoughts 💬

Evgania and Adam's story is one of courage and resilience. Their journey reminds us that with the right support and determination, overcoming even the most challenging obstacles is possible. If you or someone you know is struggling with vaginismus, take inspiration from Evgania and Adam—seek help, stay hopeful, and know that you are not alone.

Thank you, Evgania and Adam, for sharing your story. We wish you all the best on your continued journey toward healing and happiness. 🌟

This is the exact transcription:

Dr. Reeve: Hello. I'm sitting here with Evgania and Adam. I hope I said your name correctly. Evgania, who is twenty? And Adam's also twenty? And we've just finished going through Evgania's most recent therapy, and I hear that on my my computer is just on a little ping. I forgot to switch that off, but nevertheless, no matter a what? And I can see my battery is low, but we'll just continue. So, Evgania, is that right?

Evgania: Yes. You say it for me.

Dr. Reeve: Evgania. So you came. You both came and you've been struggling with vaginismus for many years. Can you explain and tell the listeners what you were feeling before you came?

Evgania: We have been together, Adam and I, for six years. And at the beginning of my journey, when I first acknowledged the vaginismus and the concept of the situation, I was really lost. I had no idea what was going on with my body and also no one could explain how I could overcome it, which is probably the most important thing. We tried, my partner and I, several different ways to overcome it, including going to therapy, to...

Adam: Sexologist. But...

Evgania: It was a big disappointment for me, and I cannot even begin to describe the anguish that I felt, that I could not have penetrative sex at all. And I was in a very bad place in my life because I was crying every day. Then I found a link to Dr. Julia Reeve. And for the first time in my life about this issue of mine, I felt heard, seen, and understood. And her book actually was the eye-opening thing that made me feel that I could actually overcome this. And we came to see her with my partner. In the first session, I was really nervous, but I felt really secure here. In her classes, we talked a lot about the different difficulties related to vaginismus, about the anatomy, about the reflex that I couldn't control. But after just three days, I was actually able to feel my muscles and it was a revolutionary thing for me because after the first and the second day, something in my head clicked, and I knew how to insert the dilators. And because of the different tips that Dr. Reeve gave me, it went really smoothly. I didn't feel pain at all today. And today is my third session. A week ago, I couldn't even insert a proper finger. So it's... I really value the journey that I...

Dr. Reeve: Right. And just for the listeners, so before you came, you couldn't insert a finger or a dilator?

Evgania: Exactly. Yeah.

Dr. Reeve: You have these dilators. We won't mention the name, but you have these silicone dilators. And now at the end of the third session, and we spent like one and a half to two and a half hours together, whereby you spent like a third of that time on the chair. Right? So it would be like, I think a three-quarter of an hour today. I'm not sure how long we took, a bit longer. Now after the third session, you have managed to insert all four of your dilators, whereby before you came, you couldn't even insert a finger. Yes. And okay. Now you've been able to insert all four of your dilators from your silicone set. We won't mention the name. And now you just have one more dilator to go.

Evgania: Yes.

Dr. Reeve: And not only that, after the third session today, something else happened that you were able to do as well. And maybe Adam can tell us about what happened there.

Adam: Yes. Sure. So this was a very long frustrating journey for me as well. I've never been able to penetrate with dilators, and we've tried penetration with fingers as well, and I've never been able to go more than maybe a fourth of my finger. But this time, I was able to insert my whole finger inside and feel her. And I could move around. You could feel me.

Evgania: You could also feel my pulse.

Adam: And I could also feel yeah. Yeah. That's the thing that we did. Yeah. And we did it the first time when we were not in session. We were in our room. I was able to feel her pulse inside the vagina with my finger. So, yeah, this is remarkable.

Evgania: Yes. After the second session.

Adam: Yeah. This was just after the second one. Yeah. That's true.

Dr. Reeve: Yeah. So that's amazing. So what I've experienced with working with you as well was that you're a very good team. You worked together really well. You found out the pace you need to go. I was able to give you some instructions on how to do things. But you yourselves during these three days, you've also found your own way of being able to insert the dilator. And you've been doing it really nicely, pushing it in very consistently with gentle pressure, which is really good. What you've also noticed is that once you've been able to get the larger dilators in, the smaller ones are much easier. So when you stop pushing those in, you're not sure where you are. You don't know if you're over the muscle, in front of the muscle, where you are.

Evgania: Yeah.

Dr. Reeve: So that shows us that you're not feeling any pain at all, which is really good. And you said that, in fact, this morning, you said you were able to insert the dilators at your own pace just without any pain. So I am really proud of you both that you've got so far. We never know before how far we're gonna get, and this is just a really, really good result. So I know now you've reached the point of no return. You will make it. You just got to stick to the program. Know what you're doing. You have a plan. Right? You're gonna reward yourself with two pairs of shoes we heard today, which is really good. You need to have rewards to pull yourself forward. So you have a different future now than you had on Wednesday when you came. The future is looking bright, I would say. You have a plan. You know where to go. You're not lost. You're not frustrated. You know exactly what to do, and you will get there. You have a plan to go for. Now if you were to be in front of a big hall full of vaginismus sufferers, men and women because men suffer just as you said, Adam, yourself, you suffered as well on this journey. So if you were in front of a big hall full of vaginismus sufferers, men and women, what would you tell them today?

Evgania: I would like to tell them not to be afraid to seek help and to... it's not a taboo. It has to be a solution. And from my point of view, now I not only think, but also know that there are solutions. You're not alone. Just be brave and seek help. And with the support of your loved ones, it will be really easy if you just take this big step.

Adam: Yeah. If it might seem, it might seem like that. You've been trying for ages and haven't really gone anywhere. But there is a way. Find that way. Keep ongoing, keep on pushing. It's gonna get better. I honestly was not sure. I mean, I did not believe it could be better, but obviously I was very much convinced that we might not get very far. But we succeeded. And yes.

Dr. Reeve: Yeah. You both got big smiles on your faces. I wish you all the luck in the world for your future, and I hope to hear from you soon and get some feedback on your day X, the first day you try for pain-free and fear-free vaginal penetration. Good luck.

Evgania: Thank you so much.

Adam: Thank you so much. Thank you for everything.


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