5 Major Things Everyone Should Know About Vaginismus - Or Else You`ll Be Missing Out!

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5 Major Vaginismus Facts

Hey there!

Have you ever even heard of vaginismus?

No? Well, buckle up because I'm about to spill some tea.

Here are five easy-to-digest but major things you should know about this hush-hush topic:

  1. Vaginismus in Simple Terms: Imagine trying to put on a tight shoe and your foot just going "nope". That's kinda like vaginismus, but for the vagina. The muscles down there tense up all on their own, making things like sex, using tampons, or doctor’s checks a huge and possibly an impossible  challenge.

  2. It's Actually Pretty Common: You'd be surprised by how many women have experienced this. So even if it's not you, it might be someone you know. Maybe even your BFF or your next-door neighbor! ONE OUT OF TEN WOMEN have this!!!! 

  3. It’s Not Just a Body Thing: The reasons behind vaginismus can be a mix of body stuff (like infections) and mind stuff (like past bad experiences or anxiety). It's like when your mind and body can’t agree on a playlist—sometimes they're just out of sync. But this is just the tip of the iceberg - there is much more behind this than just the muscle spasm.

  4. It's Not "Just in the Head": Some folks might go, "Oh, it’s all in your mind." Nah, it’s not just about being nervous. Those muscle spasms? They’re totally real and not something one can just "think away". Drinking wine or "just relaxing" DOES NOT HELP! It happens anyway.

  5. Chatting Helps!: A lot of women with this issue keep it on the down-low because they're embarrassed or think they’re the only ones. Talking about it can make a big difference. More chats mean more understanding, better treatments, and way more high-fives of support.

So, next time you're having a coffee chat with friends, maybe slip vaginismus into the conversation. Spreading the word means more love and understanding for everyone.

HIGH FIVE to that! 🙌🍵


What is Vaginismus, and What options do I have to overcome vaginismus?

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