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Tampons a problem, a gynecologist a huge problem, sex with a boyfriend ... don't think about it. What's wrong with me I've been asking myself this question for 10 years. My gynecologist said "have a drink and try to relax a bit". But even one, two or three wines didn't help at all. I spoke about my fears in various conversation therapies. Speaking helps. The therapists show you things that you haven't thought about before. But speaking only helps 30%. If you have vaginismus, you need to be proactive about it. Inserting any dilators into the vagina is not a particularly appealing idea for girls with vaginismus. Even if you try, it usually doesn't work. Then there is this wall and this disgusting burning.

After visiting a forum on Dr. When I met Reeve, I thought she'd be incredibly good copywriters. Very authentic with pictures, names and ages. My name is not Riette, I don't look like in the picture BUT what I write is real.

Three days with Dr. Reeve and two weeks of dilator practice later, I slept with my boyfriend for the first time. Thanks to Dr. Reeve and her kind support, Ms. Schmitz, you feel comfortable in the practice from the very first moment. Ms. Reeve explains “what's actually going on down there” with lots of pictures. At some point you will understand: it's not that bad at all and if you practice diligently you get rid of the muscle reflex. You will do exercises with her for three days and she will give you tips and explain everything you need to know about vaginismus. After the three days you are then asked to continue doing the exercises with the dilators. A bit annoying and pleasant at the beginning ... but wait and see: at some point it will work by itself?

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