Babsi (30) and Johnny (30)

I've never been able to use a tampon, have a pelvic exam, or sleep with my boyfriend. My gynecologist kept telling me that it was all completely normal, but I felt anything but normal. After a while, when I was already 24 and only had my new boyfriend for a few months, I finally got a term for my ailment through self-research on the Internet - vaginismus.

In the following years I tried everything from psychotherapy to hypnosis, but nothing worked and I became more and more frustrated.

I'm now 30 and by chance I found Dr. Reeve encountered. It all sounded so great and too good to be true. I have to admit, I was more than skeptical and with the best will in the world could not imagine how this suffering, which has plagued me for years, can be cured in just 3 sessions of 90 minutes each. Nevertheless, and because I had nothing to lose, my friend and I made appointments for vaginismus therapy together. We took a vacation and, in complete excitement and uncertainty as to what would happen there, took the 500 km journey on us.

The first session ended with a sense of achievement: we first learned a lot about anatomy and the vaginismus reflex and then went into the treatment room to practice with dilators. I had never before believed that it would be possible, because before I couldn't even use a tampon, but it actually worked!

We practiced again in the hotel in the evening and it worked wonderfully on our own.

In the second session I was able to introduce the 2nd and 3rd sizes of the dilators and on the last day also the 4th size. It was just amazing!

We practice at home every day with all 4 sizes and I notice a progress every day, it is getting easier and I don't need as long as in the beginning.

The visit to Dr. Reeve was the best decision of our life for me and my boyfriend.

After 6 days at home we could finally have sex.

Babsi, 30

I had just turned 25 when I met my current girlfriend. At first everything went “normally” until we ended up in bed at some point. Shortly before, she said it wouldn't work anyway, which surprised me a little, but we continued. When I tried to penetrate, she tensed more and more. It actually didn't work. The mood was gone for now.

After my friend told me that the same was not possible with her previous partners, I was puzzled. Thinking that I might have done something wrong, I started researching and came across the term vaginismus. I told my girlfriend about it and she continued researching, the "symptoms" all matched.

Now we knew what the cause was, but before we actually found help, it took another five years and many "failed attempts" to treat it. Finally my friend came across Ms. Dr. Reeve and we decided to take a chance, and I was really very skeptical. A "cure" in three days, with all the previous frustration, seemed utopian to me. But we were taught better!

One of the dilators could already be inserted at the first session.

A praise again at this point for the patience and empathy! You can tell that everyone here puts their hearts into it.

After we continued to “practiced” hard with the dilators at home, we were finally able to have our first real sex after 6 days.

Johnny, 30

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