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In her book "Living With Sex", Dr Reeve sheds new insights on vaginismus – many unknown to health professionals, and shares her experience in treating women, as well as her unique, step-by-step process for overcoming the fear and pain of vaginal penetration. 

Get your personal copy for only €19,99 EUR.

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15 Minute Call with Dr. Reeve

Discover Your Options for Vaginismus Coaching

Join a 15-minute webcam consultation with me, Dr. Julia Reeve, to determine the ideal path you can take to overcome vaginismus. This consultation is solely aimed at understanding your unique situation and guiding you towards the right coaching method. Whether you prefer in-person one-on-one coaching or an individual online course at your own pace – I am here to assist you in making the right choice.

Please note that this call does not include therapy tips or medical advice. It serves as an introduction to personalised coaching tailored to your needs.

Only book this call, if you are willing to invest between 497 and 2997 euros in your journey to overcome vaginismus. Discover the most suitable option and take the first step towards healing and empowerment. 

Why does the call cost money?

Simply put, I want to ensure that I engage in conversations with individuals who are genuinely committed to coaching. I am happy to invest my time in people who are ready to invest in their healing and empowerment.